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Double Vision Darts Progression Division

(limited to the first 8 teams)

The Progression Division is a new division introduced to help keep weekly competition more evenly matched, in which participating teams/players will have a maximum average.


  • Maximum Team DC Average Rating is 80

    • Maximum individual player rating is 90

      • Player rating ='01 DCA * Ckt DCA

    • Team DC Average Rating = Average of team members’ Player Rating


  • Players who choose to register their teams to play in the Progression division must first participate in the Progression singles tournament, to determine eligibility.

    • Date of Progression singles tournament - February 9th, 1pm at the Mirage

    • $10/player – Mirage adding $5/player.

    • Singles, round-robin format, managed by DartConnect DigitalSteel

      • Players need to bring their own tablets

    • 100% payout

    • Player rating will be calculated from player stats generated from this tournament


  • This division is a newly introduced experiment; the maximum ratings, determination of ratings, player placement, and the format may be adjusted for current and future sessions. The administrator has the responsibility to use best judgment to make any necessary adjustments to serve the purpose of the league and the best interest of the players.


Fill out the information below to register your team.

Don't forget - you will need to play in the Progression Singles tournament on February 9th.

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