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Double Vision Darts

A long-format, cash-prize, DigitalSteel doubles league!


Designed for 2-person play

  • Teams can have an alternate (2 play per night)


$50 per two-person team

  • $60 per team w/alternate


 Runs with DartConnect (Mirage covers DC fees)

  • One tablet per team required.


100% payback to the top 50% of teams

by winning percentage


Must be an annual Member of DPOW, $10/year

$10/year, exp. Dec 31

2 Divisions -

Progression Division


The Progression Division is a new division introduced to help keep weekly competition more evenly matched, in which participating teams/players will have a maximum average.


Play on Wednesdays, 7pm

First Night - February 19

Each player gets 15 legs of play!

  • Two 5-leg singles segments

  • One 5-leg doubles segment

One tablet per team required

Open Division


Play on Mondays, 7pm

First Night - February 24

Each player gets 21 legs of play!

  • Two 7-leg singles segments

  • One 7-leg doubles segment

One tablet per team required